Previous events

Date Event Location
Public Library (w/ special guests windowsill [all the stuff] & 2 guys) Bar Orwell Bar Orwell
Furniture Music Composition Workshop TRANZAC TRANZAC
Exit Points #41 Arraymusic Arraymusic
Elisabeth Dorion & Friends (Femme Fatale Film Festival) The Revue The Revue
Liquid Architecture (solo acoustic music) Mischief Makers Mischief Makers
High Strange (Chemical Animals Edition) Bar Orwell Bar Orwell
Ruckus Women Fundraiser Event (Duo with Ali Rashid) Christie Pits Park Christie Pits Park
Tiger Balme (NXNE) The Baby G The Baby G
Holly Clausius (NXNE) The Painted Lady The Painted Lady
Public Library (Solitary Shrew) TRANZAC TRANZAC
Coffee Company Emmet Ray Emmet Ray
Elisabeth Dorion and Friends & The Saplings (Solitary Shrew) TRANZAC TRANZAC
David Sevitt Trio StartWell StartWell
Kwong-D'Ascanio Quintet Emmet Ray Emmet Ray
Sarah McIntyre's Third Year Recital MacMillan Theatre MacMillan Theatre
High Strange Bar Orwell Bar Orwell
Julia D'Ascanio's Third Year Recital MacMillan Theatre MacMillan Theatre
The Nirvana Sager Quintet (part of Solitary Shrew) TRANZAC TRANZAC
Elisabeth Dorion & Friends host the Conversation Jam TRANZAC TRANZAC
Jazz Riot: A Women's Month Jam Annette Studios Annette Studios